Light Graffiti

As I’ve been watching the tele recently I’ve noticed more and more adverts with a cool neon light effect, such as those from talktalk and Ford (see below) and have tried to recreate these with my digital camera: (more…)

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Windows 7 Drivers for SoundMax ADI 198x Fix

If you would like to skip the long story and go straight to the instructions for the fix that worked for me – scroll down.

My brother was complaining that his computer wasn’t running as well as it used to so I recently decided to format and upgrade his Dell Optiplex GX280 to Windows 7 (32-bit). We got this computer a few years ago now and as such there was no luck in finding drivers for Windows Vista let alone Windows 7 on the Dell website. I decided to go ahead and install it anyway and find any drivers that I needed afterwards – I mean….how hard could it be?!? (more…)

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